List of Courses

A. Undergraduate courses taught

  1. Environmental Remote Sensing (GGR 337H), 2001-2017, U of T.
  2. Geographical Information Systems (GGR 462H), 2001-2005, U of T.
  3. Introduction to Hydrology (GGR 206H), 2001-2016, U of T.
  4. Watershed Hydroecology (GGR 413H), 2006-12, 2007 U of T.
  5. Directed Reading (GGR 498H), 2004, 2010, 2015 U of T.

B. Graduate courses taught

  1. Watershed hydroecology (GGR 1215H), 2012, 2017 U of T.
  2. Environmental Remote Sensing (GGR 1911H), 2001-2017, U of T.
  3. Geographical Information Systems (JPG1914H), 2001-2005, U of T.
  4. Reading in Selected Topics (GGR 2149H), 2003-4, 2006-9, 2014-15, U of T.
  5. Remote Sensing of Vegetation Structure, 2005, Nanjing University

C. Theses supervised/being supervised.

  1. Weimin Ju, M.Sc., carbon modelling, U of T., 2001-2002. Primary supervisor.
  2. Anita Simic, M.Sc., spatial scaling, U of T., 2001-2002. Primary Supervisor.
  3. Jan Pisek, M.Sc., Global mapping of biophysical parameters, Sept. 2004-Aug. 2005. Primary supervisor
  4. Ian Caldwell, M. Sc., Spatially explicit integrated assessment. Sept. 2003-January 2005. Secondary supervisor (40%)
  5. Yongqin Zhang, Ph.D., hyperspectral remote sensing, Jan. 2002 - April 2007. Primary supervisor
  6. Weimin Ju, Ph.D., carbon modelling and scaling, Sept. 2002- Sept. 2006. Primary supervisor
  7. Ajit Govind, Ph.D., Coupled water and carbon cycle modelling for a forest site, Sept. 2003-Apr. 2008.Primary supervisor
  8. Oliver Sonnentag, Ph.D., Coupled water and carbon modelling cycle modelling for a wetland site, Jan. 2004-Apr. 2008. Primary supervisor
  9. Xinfang Chen, Ph.D., Hydrological modelling and scaling, Sept. 2002 - May 2006. Primary supervisor (at Nanjing University, China)
  10. Anita Simic, Ph.D., Hyperspectral remote sensing applications, Sept. 2005-Sept. 2009. Primary supervisor
  11. Jan Pisek, Ph.D., Global ecosystem modelling, Sept. 2005-Sept. 2009. Primary supervisor
  12. Jun Wang, Ph.D., A GIS-based expert system for landuse decision making. September 2005-June. 2009. Primary supervisor (Nanjing University, China).
  13. Feng Deng, Ph.D., Global inverse modelling of carbon fluxes. Sept. 2006-Jan. 2011. Primary supervisor.
  14. Beiping Zhang, M.Sc., Hydrology. Sept. 2007-Sept. 2009, Primary supervisor
  15. Gustavo Gumez, M.Sc., GIS, 2008-2008, Primary supervisor
  16. Peter Czurylowizs, M.Sc., Remote sensing of insect disturbance, 2008-Apr. 2010, Primary supervisor
  17. Ting Zheng, Ph.D., Remote sensing of sunlit and shaded leaf photosynthesis rate, 2008-, Primary supervisor
  18. Rong Wong, Ph.D., SAR and optical data fusion for vegetation structure mapping, 2008-, Primary supervisor
  19. Ashleigh Ingle, Ph.D., Modifying a land surface model with remote sensing inputs, Sept. 2009-2011, co-supervisor with Paul Kushner in Physics
  20. Jonathan Fung, M.Sc., Inversion modelling of carbon cycle in North America. Sept. 2010-August 2012, primary supervisor
  21. Ze Wang, M.Sc., Relationship between chlorophyll fluorescence and GPP, Sept. 2012-March 2014, Primary supervisor
  22. Nadine Nesbitt, M.Sc., Chlorophyll retrieval from conifer forests. Sept. 2012-, Primary supervisor
  23. Xiangzhong Luo, Ph.D., Global land surface ET estimation, Sept. 2013-, Primary supervisor
  24. Joyce Arabian, M.Sc., Leaf chlorophyll retrieval, Sept. 2013-Sept. 2015, Primary supervisor
  25. Cheryl Rogers, Ph.D. 09/2016, Productivity assessment through PRI and SIF, Sept. 2016-, Primary supervisor

D. Other teaching and lectures given (in preceding 5 years)

  1. Digital Remote Sensing (Geog 3015), 1997, Ottawa University
  2. Boundary-Layer Climate, 1992, University of British Columbia

E. Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised

  1. Xiaoyuan Geng, 1998-2000; Physical Scientist, Agricultural and Agrifood Canada
  2. Peter White, 1999-2000; Research Scientist, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  3. Mingzhen Chen, 2001-2005; Software engineer, Leica Geosystem (former ERDAS), USA
  4. Xiaoyong Chen, 2001-2003; Associate Professor, Governors State University, USA
  5. Park Kyunghun, 2004; Assistant Professor, Changwon National University, Korea
  6. Jinxun Liu, 2003-2005; Research Associate, US Geological Survey, USA
  7. Baozhang Chen, 2001-2006; Research Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  8. Mustapha El Maayar, 2004-2005; 2005-2009, Research Associate, U of T. Research Scientist, Cyprus National Research Institute
  9. Misa Ishizawa, 2005-2007; Research Scientist
  10. Weimin Ju, 2006-2007; Professor, Nanjing University, China
  11. Francis Canisius, 2005-2006; Visiting fellow, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Canada
  12. Karl Menges, 2004-2005; unknown
  13. Xingguo Mo, 2007; Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China
  14. Nobuhiko Kadazawa, 2007-2009; Senior scientist, Japan Mitsubishi Material and Natural Resources Development Corporation
  15. Michael Sprintsin, 2008-2011; Research Scientist, Isreal
  16. Liming He, 2008-2015; Research associate, University of Toronto
  17. Ray Nassar, 2007-2010, co-supervisor with Dylan Jones in Physics
  18. Alemu Gonsamo, 2010-now; continue
  19. Chaoyang Wu, 2010-2014; Senior Research Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  20. Holly Croft, 2011-now; continue
  21. Michael Chang, 2012-2013; Consultant
  22. Fangmin Zhang, 2012-2015; Associate Professor at Nanjing U. of Information Science and Technology
  23. Bin Chen, 2013-2014; Research Assistant Professor, Nanjing University

Graduate Students Graduate Date and Current Information

  1. Weimin Ju, Ph.D. 10/2006; PDF, U of T., 10/2006-04/2007; Professor, Nanjing University, 04/2007
  2. Ian Caldwell, M.A., 04/2006; Research Associate, Stockholm Environmental Institute
  3. Lisa Zhang, Ph.D., 04/2007; NSERC PDF, York University, 05/2007; NSERC PDF, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, 05/2009-2010; Assistant Professor, Delta State University, USA, 2010-now
  4. Oliver Sonnentag, Ph.D., 03/2008; PDF, University of California at Berkeley, 04/2008-2010; PDF, Harvard University, 2010-2011; Assistant Professor, University of Quebec at Montreal.
  5. Ajit Goind, Ph.D., 03/2008; PDF, Oregon State University, 05/2008-2009; Research Scientist, INRA, France..
  6. Anita Simic, Ph.D., 09/2009; PDF/sectional lecturer, University of Toronto, 09/2009-now; PDF, INRA, France, 02/2011-2012; Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, 2012-2013.
  7. Jan Pisek, Ph.D., 09/2009; Senior Research Scientist, Estonia, 09/2009-now
  8. Beiping Zhang, M.Sc.; Technical staff, Hydro-one
  9. Feng Deng, Ph.D., 01/2011; PDF, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 01/2011-now
  10. Peter Czurylowizs, M.Sc. 04/2012. Consultant, Election Canada. 04/2012-now
  11. Jonathan Fung, M.Sc. 09/2012. Staff member of a not-for-profit organization
  12. Ze Wang, M.Sc. 03/2014. Technical staff, Hydro 1, Ontario.
  13. Joyce Arabian, M.Sc., 09/2015. Technical staff, Wildlife Canada.
  14. Parastoo Hosseinibenhangi, M.Sc., 01/2016, Ph.D. student.

Other Contributions to Training

1, Currently on graduate committees for
  1. Evan Seed, Ph.D., Vegetation remote sensing, U of Carleton, 2008-now
  2. Cameron Proctor, Ph.D., wetland methane emission, UTM, 2011-now
  3. Kira Borden, Ph.D., Agro-forestry, UTSc, 2013-now
  4. Bing Lu, Ph.D., Grassland remote sensing, UTM, 2013-now
  5. Md Abdul Halim, Forest disturbance and carbon cycle, Faculty of Forestry, U of T, 2014-now
  6. Anna Soleski, Geomorphology of rivers, Earth Science Department, U of T., 2016-now
  7. Eunji Byun, Ph.D., Paleo-vegetation reconstruction, Earth Science Department, U of T., 2016-now
  8. Phuong Dao, High-resolution remote sensing, UTM, 2017-now
  9. Alexis Robinson, Remote sensing of lake ice, UTM, 2017-now
2, Previously on advisory committees for more than 10 graduate students at UBC and University of Ottawa (OU). The recent ones are:
  1. Tarmo Remmel, Ph.D., Spatial analysis, U of T. 2000-2005
  2. Erica Pinto, M.Sc., Paleoclimate and Amazon vegetation, U of T., 2004-2006
  3. Hamish Asmath, M.Sc. Lidar application to forestry, U of T. 2005-2006
  4. Rasim Latifovic, Ph.D., Oilsand mining environmental assessment, Laval U., 2001-2005
  5. Yuanying Peng, Ph.D., Forest ecology, Forestry Faculty, U of T, 2001-2007
  6. Evan Seed, Ph.D., remote sensing forest structure, Carleton U., 2000-2007
  7. Adam Fenech, Ph.D., Climate change and integrated assessment, U of T, 2003-2006
  8. Mike Lackner, M.Sc., High-resolution urban landcover mapping, U of T. 2005-2006
  9. Inian Moorthy, Ph.D., Hyperspectral remote sensing of forests, York U., 2004-2008
  10. Gastavo Gomez, M.Sc., GIS and spatial analysis, Ryerson U., 2008-2008
  11. Liz Nelson, Ph.D., Tree ring and forest growth, Forestry Faculty, U of T., 2007-2010
  12. Murray Richerson, Ph.D., Hydrology and mercury contamination, 2006-2010
  13. Namrata Shrestha, Ph.D., Exurban disturbance, UTM. 2005-2012
  14. Bin Chen, Ph.D., Regional carbon cycle modeling, McMaster U., 2008-2012
  15. Jon Schurman, Ph.D., Forest ecology and carbon cycle, Forestry Faculty, U of T, 2010-2012
  16. Benjamin Filewod, M.Sc., Early spring heatwave impact on Ontario sugar maple forests, Forestry Faculty, U of T., 2010-2011
  17. Suo Huang, Ph.D., Coupling of nitrogen and carbon cycle, McMaster U., 2010-2014
  18. Amy Mui, Ph.D., Remote sensing of turtle habitats, UTM, 2011-2015
  19. Maara Packalen, Ph.D., Peatland paleoecology and carbon cycle, U of T, 2011-2015
3, External examiner/examiner at Arms-length
  1. Peter White (Ph.D., Remote sensing, York University, 1998)
  2. Rebecca Hancock (Ph.D., Remote sensing applications, U of T., 2000)
  3. Andrew Davidson (Ph.D., Grassland productivity and diversity, U of T., 2002)
  4. Scott Mitchell (Ph.D., Grassland productivity, U of T., 2003)
  5. Ken Stadt (Ph.D., Forest radiation modeling, U of Alberta, 2003)
  6. Zuzu Gadalah (Ph.D., Snow Geese Habitat, U of T., 2004)
  7. Greg Malczewski (M.Sc., Forest productivity, U of T., 2004)
  8. Tarmo Remmel (Ph.D., Spatial analysis, U of T., 2005).
  9. Rasim Latifovic (Ph.D., Oilsand mining environmental assessment, Laval U., 2005)
  10. Oksana Kutna (M.Sc., Hybrid change detection in urban landscape, Ryerson U., 2005)
  11. Erica Pinto (M.Sc., Paleoclimate and Amazon vegetation, U of T., 2006)
  12. Hamish Asmath (M.Sc. Lidar application to forestry, U of T., 2006)
  13. Rebeca Quinonez-Pinon (Ph.D., Forest transpiration estimation, U of Calgary, 2006)
  14. Yuanying Peng (Ph.D., Forest ecology, U of T., 2007)
  15. Chermalee Sandayake (M.Sc., GIS modeling, U of T., 2007)
  16. Karin Scott (M.Sc., Remote sensing of glaciers albedo, U of T., 2007)
  17. Linhai Jing (Ph.D., Fusion of remote sensing images, York U., 2008)
  18. Guangyu Wang (Ph.D., Watershed management, UBC, 2009)
  19. Catherine Myans (M.Sc., Green roof technologies, U of T., 2009)
  20. Yong Li (Ph.D., Image segmentation, Waterloo U., 2009)
  21. Alemu Gonsamo Gosa (Ph.D., Remote sensing of LAI, U of Helsinki, Finland, 2009)
  22. Namrata Shrestha, Ph.D., Exurban disturbance, UTM, 2012
  23. Bin Chen, Ph.D., Boreal carbon cycle, U McMaster, 2012
  24. James Thyer, M.Sc., Fluvial geomorphology, U of T, 2012.
  25. Ming-Fang Zhang, Ph.D., Forest disturbance and hydrology, UBC at Okanagan, 2013.
  26. Xiuquan Wang, Ph.D., Downscaling of climate variables, U. Regina, 2015.
  27. Xiaoyong Xu, Ph.D., Assimilating soil moisture data in a hydrological model, Waterloo U., 2015.
  28. David Richardson, Ph.D. Integration of solar photovoltaic energy into the Ontario grid, U of T., 2015.
  29. Amy Mui, Ph.D., Remote sensing of turtle habitats, U of T., 2015
  30. Larissa Sage, Ph.D., Forest management and carbon cycle, U of T., 2015

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