Images of Glacier Retreat During the Past Century

Below are links to photographs that document the widespread retreat of glaciers during the past century. Although there are some exceptions to this trend, and although some retreats and advances could be expected due to purely local random variability, the fact that the majority of observed glaciers worldwide are retreating simultaneously is one among many pieces of evidence that the climate is warming.


Sources of Images

North America

Asulkan Glacier, Glacier National Park, British Columbia (1905 & 1985)
Athabasca Glacier, Banff-Jasper, Alberta (1907 & 1998)
Boulder Glacier, North Cacades, Washington (1985 & 2003)
Columbia Ice Field, Jasper National Park, Alberta (1906 & 1998)
Easton Glacier, North Cascades, Washington (1985 & 2003)
Grinnel Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montanna (1938 & 2005)
Illecillewaet Glacier, Glacier National Park, British Columbia (1889)
Illecillewaet Glacier, Glacier National Park, British Columbia (2004)
South Cascades Glacier, Alaska (1979)
South Cascades Glacier, Alaska (2003)

Bridgland Collection for more Canadian then-and-now pairs

South America

Qori Kalis, Peru (1978 & 2004)
Yanapaccha, Huascaran National Park , Peru (1939 & 1997)


Pasterzematch, Austria (1875 & 2004)


Elena Glacier, Mt. Stanley, Congo - Uganda Border (1905, 1960, & 1994)
Kilamanjaro, Tanzania (1939)
Kilamanjaro, Tanzania (2000)
Kilamanjaro ice remnant, Tanzania (2000)

Asia and Oceania

Puncak Jaya ice cap, New Guinea (1936)
Puncak Jaya ice cap, New Guinea (1972)
Lirung Glacier , Nepal (1985 and 2002)


“Video of retreat of Jakobshavn ice stream front”

Retreat of Jakobshavn ice stream front, 2001-2003
Extent of summer surface melting, 1979-2005
Moulin showing meltwater descending into the ice


"Collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf " (movie)

Larsen B Ice Shelf prior to collapse
Larsen B Ice Shelf in Jan, Feb, and March 2002
Larsen B Ice Shelf ice berg remnant

Antarctic Peninsula , Retreating Glaciers
Antarctic Peninsula , Advancing Glaciers