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GGR 203H1S - Introduction to Climatology
(offered every winter term)

GGR 314H1S - Issues in Global Warming
(offered every winter term)

GGR 347F / JPG 1407 - Energy Efficiency

(offered in the fall of even numbered years)

GGR 348F / JPG 1408 - C-Free Energy

(offered in the fall of odd numbered years)


Powerpoint Files of Figures Used in GGR314 Lectures

Chapter 1 (Introduction)

Chapter 2 (Energy and CO2 Emission Scenarios)

Chapter 3 (Carbon Cycle Models)

Chapter 4 (Climate Models)

Chapter 5 (Impacts on Agriculture)

Chapter 6 (Impacts on Forests)

Chapter 7 (Heat Stress, Water Resources, Terrestrial Species Extinctions)

Chapter 8 (Impact on the Marine Realm)

Chapter 9 (Response Options)

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