University of Toronto
Spring, 2009
JPG 1402H -- Environment and Development
Professor Alana Boland
Wednesday 3-5
email: boland  'at'
office: Sidney Smith 5006

This course is a reading seminar devoted to understanding recent debates within geography regarding the links between the environment and development. Drawing from the theoretical traditions of society-space and nature-society studies, we will consider the implications of development - both as an economic and social project - for the ways in which the environment is used, by whom, and to what ends. The readings focus on the geographical implications of the following set of themes: interpretations of scarcity and degradation, the construction of nature, the question of consumption, and the formation of social movements at the interface of development and the environment. While the Third World is a primary focus in much of the 'case-study' literature, the final weeks will take up these themes in advanced capitalist and transition economies.

Course reader

Weekly response 30%
Class participation 20%
Paper proposal 10%
Term paper (15-20 pg) 40%
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