12 Dec. 2014 5 scientists from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), lead by Prof. Jiyuan Liu, visited our lab. .  
29 Nov. 2014 Visiting scientist Mingze Li returned to China.  
28 Sept. 2014 Visiting scientist Xibin Ji returned to China.  
21 July 2014 3 scientists from Chinese Academy of Forestry, visited our lab.  
31 Mar. 2014 Visiting scientist Zhenbo Liu and Visiting student Jinming Yang returned to China.  
18 Mar. 2014 PDF Chaoyang Wu left.  
27 Jan. 2014 Visiting scientist Mingze Li arrived.  
25 Jan. 2014 Visiting student Yuanyuan Zhao returned to China.  
20 Jan. 2014 Visiting scientist Fumin Wang and Qiuxiang Yi returned to China.  
21 Oct. 2013 Prof. Jiquan Chen, from University of Toledo, Visited our group.  



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