Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • Environmental Remote Sensing (GGR 337H), 2001-2017, U of T.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GGR 462H), 2001-2005, U of T.
  • Introduction to Hydrology (GGR 206H), 2001-2016, 2018-2021, U of T.
  • Field Methods in Physical Geography (GGR390H), 2015-2020, U of T.
  • Watershed Hydroecology (GGR 413H), 2006-2012, 2017 U of T.
  • Directed Reading (GGR 498H), 2004, 2010, 2015 U of T.

Graduate Courses Taught

  • Watershed hydroecology (GGR 1215H), 2012, 2017 U of T.
  • Environmental Remote Sensing (GGR 1911H), 2001-2017, U of T.
  • Geographical Information Systems (JPG1914H), 2001-2005, U of T.
  • Reading in Selected Topics (GGR 2149H), 2003-2004, 2006-2009, 2014-15, 2019, U of T.
  • Remote Sensing of Vegetation Structure, 2005, Nanjing University

Current graduate students

  1. Cheryl Rogers, Ph.D., Productivity assessment through PRI and SIF, Sept. 2016-, Primary supervisor.
  2. Yihong Liu, Ph.D., Sept. 2019-, Primary supervisor.
  3. Jiye Leng, Ph.D., Sept. 2020-, Primary supervisor..

Graduated Students Completion Date and Current Information

  1. Weimin Ju, Ph.D. 10/2006; PDF, U of T., 10/2006-04/2007; Professor, Nanjing University, 04/2007
  2. Ian Caldwell, M.A., 04/2006; Research Associate, Stockholm Environmental Institute
  3. Lisa Zhang, Ph.D., 04/2007; NSERC PDF, York University, 05/2007; NSERC PDF, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, 05/2009-2010; Assistant Professor, Delta State University, USA, 2010-now
  4. Oliver Sonnentag, Ph.D., 03/2008; PDF, University of California at Berkeley, 04/2008-2010; PDF, Harvard University, 2010-2011; Assistant Professor, University of Quebec at Montreal.
  5. Ajit Goind, Ph.D., 03/2008; PDF, Oregon State University, 05/2008-2009; Research Scientist, INRA, France..
  6. Anita Simic, Ph.D., 09/2009; PDF/sectional lecturer, University of Toronto, 09/2009-now; PDF, INRA, France, 02/2011-2012; Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, 2012-2013.
  7. Jan Pisek, Ph.D., 09/2009; Senior Research Scientist, Estonia, 09/2009-now
  8. Beiping Zhang, M.Sc.; Technical staff, Hydro-one
  9. Feng Deng, Ph.D., 01/2011; PDF, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 01/2011-now
  10. Peter Czurylowizs, M.Sc. 04/2012. Consultant, Election Canada. 04/2012-now
  11. Jonathan Fung, M.Sc. 09/2012. Staff member of a not-for-profit organization
  12. Ze Wang, M.Sc. 03/2014. Technical staff, Hydro 1, Ontario.
  13. Joyce Arabian, M.Sc., 09/2015. Technical staff, Wildlife Canada.
  14. Parastoo Hosseinibenhangi, M.Sc., 01/2016, Ph.D. student.
  15. Rong Wang, Ph.D., 09/2017. Assistant Professor, Fujian Normal University.
  16. Ting Zheng, Ph.D., 09/2017. Postdoctoral fellow, University of Wisconsin at Madison.
  17. Remi Luo, Ph.D., 01/2019. Assistant Professor, Singapore National University.
  18. Yihong Liu, M.Sc., 09/2019, Ph.D. student, University of Toronto.
  19. Jiye Leng, M.Sc., 09/2020, Ph.D. student, University of Toronto.

Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised and Current Information

  1. Xiaoyuan Geng, 1998-2000; Physical Scientist, Agricultural and Agrifood Canada
  2. Peter White, 1999-2000; Research Scientist, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  3. Mingzhen Chen, 2001-2005; Software engineer, Leica Geosystem (former ERDAS), USA
  4. Xiaoyong Chen, 2001-2003; Associate Professor, Governors State University, USA
  5. Park Kyunghun, 2004; Assistant Professor, Changwon National University, Korea
  6. Jinxun Liu, 2003-2005; Research Associate, US Geological Survey, USA
  7. Baozhang Chen, 2001-2006; Research Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  8. Mustapha El Maayar, 2004-2005; 2005-2009, Research Associate, U of T. Research Scientist, Cyprus National Research Institute
  9. Misa Ishizawa, 2005-2007; Research Scientist
  10. Weimin Ju, 2006-2007; Professor, Nanjing University, China
  11. Francis Canisius, 2005-2006; Visiting fellow, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Canada
  12. Karl Menges, 2004-2005; unknown
  13. Xingguo Mo, 2007; Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China
  14. Nobuhiko Kadazawa, 2007-2009; Senior scientist, Japan Mitsubishi Material and Natural Resources Development Corporation
  15. Michael Sprintsin, 2008-2011; Research Scientist, Isreal
  16. Liming He, 2008-2015; Research associate, University of Toronto
  17. Ray Nassar, 2007-2010, co-supervisor with Dylan Jones in Physics
  18. Alemu Gonsamo, 2010-now; continue
  19. Chaoyang Wu, 2010-2014; Senior Research Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  20. Holly Croft, 2011-now; continue
  21. Michael Chang, 2012-2013; Consultant
  22. Fangmin Zhang, 2012-2015; Associate Professor at Nanjing U. of Information Science and Technology
  23. Bin Chen, 2013-2014; Research Assistant Professor, Nanjing University
  24. Shezhou Luo, 2016-2018, Professor, Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University
  25. Martin van Leuween, 2014-2014, Postdoctoral fellow, Wisconsin University at Madison
  26. Rong Wang, 2018-2020; Assistant Professor, Fujian Normal University
  27. Taifeng Dong, 2019-2020, postdoctoral fellow, Nipissing University
  28. Gabriel de Oliveira, 2020-now

Other Contributions to Training

1, Currently on graduate committees for
  1. Evan Seed, Ph.D., Vegetation remote sensing, U of Carleton, 2008-now
  2. Cameron Proctor, Ph.D., wetland methane emission, UTM, 2011-now
  3. Kira Borden, Ph.D., Agro-forestry, UTSC, 2013-now
  4. Bing Lu, Ph.D., Grassland remote sensing, UTM, 2013-now
  5. Md Abdul Halim, Forest disturbance and carbon cycle, Faculty of Forestry, U of T, 2014-now
  6. Anna Soleski, Geomorphology of rivers, Earth Science Department, U of T., 2016-now
  7. Eunji Byun, Ph.D., Paleo-vegetation reconstruction, Earth Science Department, U of T., 2016-now
  8. Phuong Dao, High-resolution remote sensing, UTM, 2017-now
  9. Alexis Robinson, Remote sensing of lake ice, UTM, 2017-now
2, Previously on advisory committees for more than 10 graduate students at UBC and University of Ottawa (OU). The recent ones are:
  1. Tarmo Remmel, Ph.D., Spatial analysis, U of T. 2000-2005
  2. Erica Pinto, M.Sc., Paleoclimate and Amazon vegetation, U of T., 2004-2006
  3. Hamish Asmath, M.Sc. Lidar application to forestry, U of T. 2005-2006
  4. Rasim Latifovic, Ph.D., Oilsand mining environmental assessment, Laval U., 2001-2005
  5. Yuanying Peng, Ph.D., Forest ecology, Forestry Faculty, U of T, 2001-2007
  6. Evan Seed, Ph.D., remote sensing forest structure, Carleton U., 2000-2007
  7. Adam Fenech, Ph.D., Climate change and integrated assessment, U of T, 2003-2006
  8. Mike Lackner, M.Sc. High-resolution urban landcover mapping, U of T. 2005-2006
  9. Inian Moorthy, Ph.D., Hyperspectral remote sensing of forests, York U., 2004-2008
  10. Gastavo Gomez, M.Sc., GIS and spatial analysis, Ryerson U., 2008-2008
  11. Liz Nelson, Ph.D., Tree ring and forest growth, Forestry Faculty, U of T., 2007-2010
  12. Murray Richerson, Ph.D. Hydrology and mercury contamination, 2006-2010
  13. Namrata Shrestha, Ph.D., Exurban disturbance, UTM. 2005-2012
  14. Bin Chen, Ph.D., Regional carbon cycle modeling, McMaster U., 2008-2012
  15. Jon Schurman, Ph.D., Forest ecology and carbon cycle, Forestry Faculty, U of T, 2010-2012
  16. Benjamin Filewod, M.Sc., Early spring heatwave impact on Ontario sugar maple forests, Forestry Faculty, U of T., 2010-2011
  17. Suo Huang, Ph.D., Coupling of nitrogen and carbon cycle, McMaster U., 2010-2014
  18. Amy Mui, Ph.D., Remote sensing of turtle habitats, UTM, 2011-2015
  19. Maara Packalen, Ph.D., Peatland paleoecology and carbon cycle, U of T, 2011-2015
3, External examiner/examiner at Arms-length (* indicate in geographically related unit)
  1. Peter White (Ph.D., Remote sensing, York University, 1998)
  2. Rebecca Hancock (Ph.D., Remote sensing applications, U of T., 2000)*
  3. Andrew Davidson (Ph.D., Grassland productivity and diversity, U of T., 2002)*
  4. Scott Mitchell (Ph.D., Grassland productivity, U of T., 2003)*
  5. Ken Stadt (Ph.D., Forest radiation modeling, U of Alberta, 2003)
  6. Zuzu Gadalah (Ph.D., Snow Geese Habitat, U of T., 2004)
  7. Greg Malczewski (M.Sc., Forest productivity, U of T., 2004)
  8. Tarmo Remmel (Ph.D., Spatial analysis, U of T., 2005)*
  9. Rasim Latifovic (Ph.D., Oilsand mining environmental assessment, Laval U., 2005)
  10. Oksana Kutna (M.Sc., Hybrid change detection in urban landscape, Ryerson U., 2005)*
  11. Erica Pinto (M.Sc., Paleoclimate and Amazon vegetation, U of T., 2006)*
  12. Hamish Asmath (M.Sc. Lidar application to forestry, U of T., 2006)*
  13. Rebeca Quinonez-Pinon (Ph.D., Forest transpiration estimation, U of Calgary, 2006)
  14. Yuanying Peng (Ph.D., Forest ecology, U of T., 2007)
  15. Chermalee Sandayake (M.Sc., GIS modeling, U of T., 2007)*
  16. Karin Scott (M.Sc., Remote sensing of glaciers albedo, U of T., 2007)*
  17. Linhai Jing (Ph.D., Fusion of remote sensing images, York U., 2008)*
  18. Guangyu Wang (Ph.D., Watershed management, UBC, 2009)
  19. Catherine Myans (M.Sc., Green roof technologies, U of T., 2009)*
  20. Yong Li (Ph.D., Image segmentation, Waterloo U., 2009)*
  21. Alemu Gonsamo Gosa (Ph.D., Remote sensing of LAI, U of Helsinki, Finland, 2009)*
  22. Namrata Shrestha (Ph.D., Exurban disturbance, UTM, 2012)*
  23. Bin Chen (Ph.D., Boreal carbon cycle, U McMaster, 2012)*
  24. James Thyer (M.Sc., Fluvial geomorphology, U of T, 2012)*
  25. Ming-Fang Zhang (Ph.D., Forest disturbance and hydrology, UBC at Okanagan, 2013)
  26. Xiuquan Wang (Ph.D., Downscaling of climate variables, U. Regina, 2015)*
  27. Xiaoyong Xu (Ph.D., Assimilating soil moisture data in a hydrological model, Waterloo U., 2015)*
  28. David Richardson (Ph.D. Integration of solar photovoltaic energy into the Ontario grid, U of T., 2015)*
  29. Amy Mui (Ph.D., Remote sensing of turtle habitats, U of T., 2015)*
  30. Larissa Sage (Ph.D., Forest management and carbon cycle, U of T., 2015)
  31. Dong Li (Ph.D., Remote sensing of leaf chlorophyll content of crops, 2021)

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