The ASD instrument attached with the Li-Cor 1800 integrating sphere

The portable field spectroradiatometer FieldSpec Pro FR (Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. Boulder, USA) is designed to collect solar reflectance, radiance and irradiance measurements. High spectral resolution (1nm interval) with a 350 nm - 2500 nm spectral range is ideal for applications in mining optical remote sensing.

The ASD instrument is used in the field to measure the reflectance of forest background, soil, rock etc. ground targets. The ASD instrument can be attached to an integrating sphere to measure the leaf reflectance and transmittance, which can be used for estimating leaf biochemical contents and thus vegetation physiology status.

The high resolution spectrum measurements are important inputs of the leaf-level model (modified PROSPECT) and geometric optical model (5-scale) for retrieving leaf biochemical contents from hyperspectral remote sensing images.

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