The Boreal Ecosystems Productivity Simulator (BEPS)

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BEPS-GEM is a coupled model of BEPS and GEM. GEM (The Global Environmental Multi-scale) model is an operational model of the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) for numerical weather forecast and atmospheric research. Coupling work began in 2004, and many progresses have been made in these two years although these two models have different spatial resolutions, projections, time steps, and programming languages. A spatial scaling methodology was developed based on sub-grid information (land cover, leaf area index) derived from satellite imagery, and used for the coupling.

The simulated results for the globe at 1 X 1 resolution and over Canada's landmass at 0.22 resolution show satisfactory performance of the coupled BEPS-GEM model. After validating the coupled model with tower observations, we conclude that the model is successful in capturing both the spatial and temporal variations in carbon and energy fluxes. The coupled model is being used as a basis for global inversion of carbon fluxes using CO2 concentration measurements at coastal baseline stations as well as tall towers over land. It is expected that at a later stage, regional fluxes through inversion will be compared with up-scaled fluxes from Fluxnets in Canada and USA to improve the reliability of continental carbon balance estimation.

Animation of global hourly NEP for a summer day of 2003

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